You are ready to get more aligned, dream clients without hard selling and endless marketing

Congratulations! According to your answers in this 2-min assessment, your business is at the sweet spot to implement this system and get more aligned, dream clients for your transformative, high-ticket offer.

But… what if I told you that this is not the real good news here?

What if I told you…

You don't need more marketing or create more and more content to get clients consistently.

I know it may sound counterintuitive, but MORE MARKETING doesn't necessarily get you MORE CLIENTS.

Let me explain!

Look, I know you love serving your audience, sharing your insightful ideas and expertise …

  • create posts, videos and everything you can to teach, inspire and add value to your audience…
  • Maybe you already have a great website or a tightly curated social profile (or more than one!).
  • … and of course, you already have some happy clients and you frequently get a few inquiries to work with you…

So… why aren't you getting MORE clients consistently? [THE REAL CAUSE]

Well, If you are like most of my clients… tend to rely on your marketing or your sales process (calls, follow-ups, etc.) a little too much.

So you think that more marketing or better sales skills or more time to invest in any of these, will get you... more clients.

Wrong premise.

Stay with me...

So you are probably experiencing any of these:

  • You post and get some likes and maybe even some comments, you get more and more followers but not clients consistently.
  • You start to feel exhausted because you have to create more and more posts, videos, articles, all the time and being everywhere…
  • … and then you are scared that if you don't create mind-blowing pieces of content every time, you won't get more clients.

Does it sound like you? 

I know it feels overwhelming!

And the sad part is this leads to falsely think that the reason why you don't get MORE consistent clients is that you are not doing enough!

So, you think you need to do more, create more, etc…

Let me assure you... if you are getting some clients from what you are sharing... you are doing it right. 

You know how to deliver transformational results and you really really love working with your clients, helping your clients.

And you also love sharing your ideas and wisdom pearls and speaking to your community, teaching them, inspiring them… but it does not mean being tied to the computer all day, right?

It has to be a better way…

On the other side, you then invite people to a discovery call or free coaching session (or whatever you call it) but you think you have to get better at sales because only a few actually keep on working with you…

And you get objections like “I have to think about it” or “I have to consult with my spouse/partner”, all the time.

… or maybe some form of “I cannot afford it” and you just let them go, feeling frustrated that you invested all this time for nothing... or try to help them figure out a way…

And, to be honest, you are so tired to have to convince them that you are the best option, show them your background and even share some cases and testimonials, without getting any different result.

No wonder you feel pressure on your sales call!

So... I know you are thinking…. It has to be an “easy way” to enroll your people with grace and ease, naturally, stress-free, with a non-sleazy sales process, in flow, respecting your own voice and style…

It got to be an easier way, right?

Because at the end of the day, you just want…

... serve your clients and your community (what you are really good at!) and just cross "getting-clients" off your to-do list, right?

So... what can you do instead of doing more and more overwhelming marketing, or adding more pressure to your sales calls?

What if you have “something” between the marketing you love doing and a simplified enrollment process for your paid program/service?

What if you could have a system that guides your leads, educate them, prequalify them (for the right offer) and also pre-sell them … completely on autopilot?

And what if this system (let's call it "pre-selling system") would do the heavy lifting for you, and show your leads how your methods work, why your solution is different, share some cases and testimonials, anticipate and obliterate possible objections and fears, and make them eagerly hanging on your every word and get ready to work with you?

And as engaged and prequalified leads will turn into clients more easily, you don't have to invest more and more time in more marketing or extra large sales calls, explaining your methods, background, experiences and everything once and again.

The pre-selling system will do all this for you so you can have a simplified process to enroll your clients into your amazing program/service.

How does it sound? 

Curious about what an easy-to-use pre-selling system can do for your business?

Let me show you how my pre-selling system works, and how it can help you consistently enroll more clients without launches, complicated funnels or hunting for new clients: