This is how my high integrity, easy-to-use pre-selling system works, to get you MORE aligned, dream clients without hard selling or endless marketing

5 Steps to Get MORE Aligned, Dream Clients without hard selling or endless marketing... (even if you are still refining your offer or building your audience)

Here you have a 5-step system to enroll more clients without launches, complicated funnels or hunting for new clients.

Let me introduce you to my method, my pre-selling system:


Create a 3-question assessment and captivate your audience by giving them insightful information tailored for their specific situation

Maybe you have been attracted to this type of ideas before. The thing is that "quizzes" used to rely on fun and entertainment to attract leads.

And I think that's a huge mistake.

I'm not saying you have to bore your audience... but since you are an expert, why don't you capture their attention giving them something that nobody else can and position yourself as the "go-to" expert in the same round?

What if you attract them by giving them key information that actually help them to start solving their problem (the one that you are an expert in)? 

Even if you already have a PDF or other resources like a video, a masterclass, a mini-training, with some amazing advices... What if you could personalize these advices even more... depending on your future client's journey or their own preferences in your field of expertise?

One of my clients always asks about learning preferences (i.e. DIY, group experiences, 1:1, etc.) and then she can make better suggestions for challenges and exercises, including offering her different programs (online courses, coaching program or mastermind).

Another client asks a couple of questions to find out what type of investor you are, so she can tell you what saving strategy is right for you. 

I give you one last example: mine. My own assessments always provide me the information about my future client's stage of journey, so I can customize any high-level strategy or system since it's not the same if you are already an expert with lots of client experience, or you are just starting out.  

What if you can ask a couple of questions that let you know where your future clients are stuck (or even better, where they feel they are stuck)? 


I can hear you complaining ... the problems you solve are way more complex to diagnose and/ or solve automatically. 

I know.

That's why you, your help, your expertise, your program will be the next logical step. 

And especially if you are still refining your offer or building your audience, 3 strategically organized questions, can help you not only know more about your future-clients (preferences, challenges, most pressing issues, desires, etc.) but also make a super quick pre-qualification (see if they comply to certain conditions) so you can offer them personalized recommendations to start the journey with you.


Then, you are ready for the next step: 


Give your leads a customized work plan and personalized recommendations to solve their most pressing problem so they can get what they want.

One of the powerful pillars here is how this system creates awareness for your future client… You asked some questions, now you know what they are doing wrong or … even more important and significant: why this is happening to them…

When you explain it to your readers (especially if what they believed is wrong, outdated, or a fallacy) and they say "OMG, this is why I'm stuck" you create a disruption, a pattern interrupt, it's like breaking the rules in their minds.  Now they will be more opened to read about your own methods and solutions. 

Another great pillar here, is that you have some extra information to consider the different nuances and give them a customized action plan, so your future clients feel that this plan is tailored for them, for their specific situation, their specific challenge, block or stage in the journey.

Therefore, you are not only explaining and proving that your method, your program works, but also how it can work for this specific pain point (combination of challenge, stage in journey, etc.) that your future client is experimenting…

And yes, your paid program can be part of the recommendations, and you can actually show your offer as long as they have qualified for it (a.k.a. you see that they are going to have good results based on what they previously answered). Don't worry, this is just a first step of prequalification, you can always go deeper in your sales process, but the basic conditions will be covered. 

So by now, you have collected all this priceless information from your future clients (step 1) and use it to give them personalized recommendations to start dealing with their specific pain points (step 2).

Remember: once you set all this up, it works on autopilot.

Now, some leads are ready to move forward with all you gave them in these two steps, so you can invite them to a short call to complete the enrollment process.

But others maybe need to think about it.

Or they maybe have some concerns (about your method, about the process, etc.)

Or they are just not ready to buy right now.

Is it the end?

Not really! Now, you are ready for the next step:


Create a conversational email workflow that engage, educate and get pre-sold (and already pre-qualified) leads knocking on your door and saying "I ´m ready to work with you, now".

Pre-sell with your content is not about being pushy or sleazy or even hype. It's about how clear and how simple you can articulate and organize the relevant pieces of the puzzle to create the full picture for your future client to be ready to move forward and buy.

Once you create and strategically organize this email-sequence, it will do the heavy lifting for you, again, completely on autopilot. And it will give your future clients everything they need to know, think, process, discover and even solve, before they are ready to buy.

Even when you are still refining your offer or building your audience, it's a great idea you create a 3-5 email sequence to lead and educate them. Once you gain more experience, you can optimize and sophisticate the workflow. 

But you absolutely can start with some of these: 

  • Give more detailed explanations about how your method/solution works and prove your case.
  • Explain why this is different of everything else that they have tried before.
  • Show what's possible for them and how the transformation looks like.
  • Anticipate and handle the most common objections and fears that prevent people from moving forward.
  • Explain why they should hire you / buy from you and how it looks like to work with you.
  • Share more ideas about why they are stuck and how to get out of it.
  • Share case studies, testimonials or transformation stories to inspire them.
  • Etc.

I bet you are thinking that you already have some of these pieces in your business right now.

Maybe you have some amazing posts on social media...

Maybe you have some great videos/lives with tons of engagement... 

Maybe you have some articles or blog posts or some of this information on your website...

Maybe you try to explain everything in your discovery calls or breakthrough sessions...

But one of the reasons why you are not having more clients consistently, is because you have all these pieces disconnected, they are not aligned and flowing. 

So, yes, you probably have all this information (and you can certainly use this and other resources that you already have like social media posts, articles, videos, etc.) but you are not supposed to throw all the information into their faces or let them figure it out by themselves where is everything and how to connect the dots.

… you are leading them, 

guiding them…

connecting the dots for them,

empowering and challenging them. 

It is remarkable how easy and quickly this works when you put it together in a simple system - instead of letting your future clients figure it out for themselves.

And now maybe you are thinking... OMG, but I don’t´ want to convince people that I'm the best option.

Great, because you don't have to… your pre-selling system is doing this job for you.

And because your future client still need all the information to make up their minds, but they don't need the hype or the fake scarcity, you can share it in a challenged, inspiring and empowered way.

Yes, it works automatically 7x24 but the key part of the email-sequence is that it's strategically designed to be a conversation, a step-by-step journey.

And for the icing of the cake, you are giving them a little experience of what working with you looks like…

It’s like having a one-on-one conversation with every lead, but completely on autopilot. And you don´t need tons of testimonials or sophisticated copywriting for this.

You just need to put all the pieces together to create a streamlined, flowing, automated process that leverages the marketing that you love doing and simplify your enrollment process.

These 3 steps that I have told you about create the system's heart to get presold, engaged and prequalified leads, and once you set up all this, everything will run 7x24 on autopilot.

And as engaged and prequalified leads will turn into clients more easily, you don't have to invest more and more time in more marketing or extra large sales calls, explaining your methods, background, experiences and everything once and again (the system already did this job for you!).

Which leads us to the last – and very simple – final 2 steps:


Get rid of the “I need more marketing” plague

Once you have your system in place... just add this “simplified assessment system” gently to your current marketing plan (in your bio links, as a "call to action" at the end of your content, etc.) to feed it with people that already saw your content, posts, videos, articles but was not ready to buy/hire you on the spot, only with what you've shared on social media.

You won't need “more marketing” and possible you will be able to eventually cut off some of it (especially the parts you don't enjoy).


Simplify/Shorten your sales process

Now you will be able to eliminate long sales calls, follow-up calls and other "I'm not ready to buy yet" struggles since people applying for a call with you have already been educated, pre-sold and empowered to move forward through your system.

The next logical - and available - step will be your program/offer and there you can invite them to jump on a call with you whenever they are interested in working together. In fact, you can ask them to use this specific "call to action": "I'm interested!".  

And as they have already being inside your pre-selling system and they already have all the information they need (how this works, why this is different, how it looks like working together, your background, what's possible, etc.) the conversation will be mainly to find out if they are a good fit for your paid program.

Two of my clients have already eliminated sales calls at all, and they are doing the enrollment process entirely through messenger/WhatsApp (and me too ;)).  

Once you have this pre-selling system doing the heavy lifting for you and your business, you certainly can...

Say Hello to all these benefits:

Once your pre-selling system is setup (and running on autopilot 24x7) you can have all these: 

Get pre-qualified, ready-to-buy leads on autopilot

No more long calls to find out they are not ready yet, or that they are at the wrong stage of the journey and you can help them. You also can do a basic prequalification within the system, on autopilot.

Get pre-sold leads on autopilot and shorten/simplify sales calls

No more pressure to convince your future clients that your method/solution is the best option for them, the pre-selling system will do it for you. Along with providing detailed explanations of how your solution works, why this is suitable for your client's challenge, why this is different (and better) than the other solutions they have already tried (and probably failed), what's possible for them, how the transformation looks like, etc. This process will simplify and/or shorten your sales calls considerably.

Avoid awkward conversations about money (or funding!)

You could confidently share your prices within the system, only for a few leads who comply with a certain type of behavior (i.e. prequalified by the assessment and then clicked a specific link in the email) and get to the sales call knowing that your future clients already know your prices and ROI and won't be shocked at all these.

Anticipate and obliterate most common objections, on autopilot

Use the conversational workflow within the pre-selling system, to address the most common fears and objections your future clients may have, and invite them to jump on a call with you, whenever they are thinking this is my moment and I'm ready for this next step (a.k.a. hiring you).

Leverage the marketing you actually love doing

Get rid of huge launches, complicated funnels or "new" marketing trends. If you are like most of my clients and you just want to show up and talk and share whatever is on your mind, you absolutely can! Since you no longer rely on your marketing to create the momentum and make the sale.

Interested in getting more aligned, dream clients by adding this easy-to-use pre-selling system to your business?

Building an automated pre-selling system, one that really works, to get leads and sales and “I'm ready to buy” clients, is like putting together a puzzle.

So, you are probably saying… I already have some of these pieces…

  • You have already worked with amazing clients that loved working with you.
  • You know your clients more than they know themselves, you know their struggles, what they want, what is holding them back and why they already tried... but failed.
  • … and you are eager to build a strong community, serving them by creating amazing content and sharing your knowledge, your experience, your gifts.

But maybe they are not working together as a whole and flow in alignment to actually show the image of the puzzle for your future clients and connect the dots for them. 

Let me do that for you.

As a busy woman entrepreneur, it's a no-brainer…

My personal philosophy is to outsource or automate as much as you can so you can spend your time focusing on what really matters and your absolutely zone of genius: serve your community and serve your clients.

Ready to tackle “getting-clients” off your to-do list?

It is remarkable how easy and quickly this works when you put it together in a simple system - instead of letting your future clients figure it out for themselves.

Ready to tackle "getting clients" off your to-do list while refining your offer and building your audience?

If you need help with this, I have a 6-weeks 1:1 program where I can work with you to build this pre-selling system, even if you are still refining your offer and/or building your audience.

Just send me a DM on Facebook with the word "simplified" and I will ask you a few questions to validate that you can get the best results.

If yes, I'll invite you in. The enrollment process takes just a few minutes and we'll get you in my schedule for next week.

Looking forward to learning more about you!