Created for female coaches & experts (especially in the Spiritual & Mindset field) who would love to tackle “getting-clients” off their to-do list

Do you have a transformative high-ticket offer you'd like to sell more of?

[without launching or hunting for new clients]

What if I told you– if your business is at the sweet spot – you could get MORE ALIGNED, dream clients consistently without hard selling or endless marketing?

Let's find out if your business is ready for this system and get clients almost on autopilot! 

[And if not, I'll tell you exactly what you have to improve/fix so you can get on board soon!]

How It Works

I created this 2-min assessment to quickly find out if you can take advantage of my 5-step system to get more aligned, dream clients consistently for your transformative high-ticket offer (without launching and without hunting for new clients).

Here is how this works, step-by-step:


Tell me a bit about your transformative program, the clients you serve, and how you get sales right now.


According to your answers, the automated assessment will tell you - in a matter of minutes - if your business is at the sweet spot to get more aligned, dream clients with my 5-step system.


If it's not, it will tell you exactly what to fix/improve to get there.


If your business is ready to get clients on autopilot, I will explain how this 5-step system works (and if you want my help to implement it, I will share with you how can we work together).

Meet Gaby Turian

As a business coach/strategist I have been working with coaches and experts since 2013, helping them to grow and scale their business, using also many of the tools and resources that I owned in my former consulting career in the corporate world where I was a Project Manager and also a Practice Manager.

But when I became a mom (and indeed a special needs mom) my philosophy for business collapsed and I needed to save energy and time to spend with my family, which left me with only 3-4 hours/day to work (at best) and very little energy.

I did research and try different models and, eventually, I find out I could combine all my experience, my zone of genius, and my passion/need for freedom ... and reinvented my business so I can help my clients prosper and grow through automations and systems that free up time and energy.

Now, I feel like part of my purpose is to support busy women entrepreneurs in getting more freedom and stop being overwhelmed, and that's why I created this system for experienced coaches and experts that brings clients on autopilot for transformative high-ticket offers.

In the last couple of years, most of my clients have been Spiritual & Mindset female coaches who are already successful and have a burning desire to become influential leaders.

If you are one of them, you might want to start here.

Is your business ready to get more aligned, dream clients without hunting for them?